5 Goth Nail Ideas For An Edgy Summer Look

Posted by Ren Wu

Simple Goth Nails

Grunge and goth nails have made a noticeable comeback, and it's time to seize the moment. Whether your style is dark-side feminine or classic Wednesday, you can create your own goth nails to flash your edgy side!

Key Takeaways

  1. Red and black speckled nails
  2. Simple black nails adorned with chrome design
  3. Colorful metallic chrome
  4. Black geometric French Tips
  5. Dark flames

While the rest of the world is seemingly obsessed with flowery cottage-core and Barbiecore styles, you can showcase your own unique and eerie style. And, with the right tools and inspiration on hand, you'll be able to rock the dark aesthetic with confidence.

Keep reading, and we'll share four ideas for simple goth nails and let you know how to recreate them.

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#1. Red And Black Speckles

hands with rings and red and black nails goth nail designs personal style nude nails stiletto nails nail artists stiletto nails stiletto nails stiletto nails stiletto nails

Right now, gothic fashion is rising once again and has been seemingly trending everywhere.

When it comes to rocking this edgy aesthetic, the key is to style your looks with confidence. Whether that means pulling out the platform boots or layering the eyeliner, you deserve to feel empowered by your style.

Black is associated with strength and authority, and it can help you establish yourself in the center of the alternative aesthetic. It's a color that just doesn't miss!

However, goth and grunge styles aren't just about sporting the color black. It's about discovering your personal tastes and preferences through a darker lens, helping you feel more empowered and confident in the process.

The Power Of Artistic Self-Expression

One of the best ways to effortlessly involve some goth or punk essence in your look is by incorporating it into your nail art.

Your nails, though such a small part of your body, can help you send a message about who you are and your passions.

Nail art is the ultimate form of self-expression. By tailoring your unique style to your inner emotions, you'll be able to feel more at peace with the world around you while discovering who you truly are.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. That's why finding the right inspiration for your look is so critical!

Goth Nail Designs Impossible To Resist

If you want to rock some unique, cool, and alternative nails, opt for red and black speckled nails. By combining the two most foreboding and assertive colors, you'll be able to effortlessly unleash your inner goth!

To recreate this look, you'll need your two favorite red and black polishes to start with. Maniology's Red Sea and Straight-Up Black nail polish are two perfect tones to pair with this look.

And to complete it all, Maniology's Terrazzo nail stamping plate will give you the perfect speckled look.

Effortless And Flawless Nail Art

Our nail stamping plates are the best way for you to create the nail art you've been dying to show off. Even if your vision involves intricate designs and fine lines, you'll be able to make every little detail perfect.

All you need to do is figure out the message you want to send, pick out your favorite design from countless plates, and then stamp your nails! In just five simple steps, you'll be able to replicate your chosen look and end with some flawless nail art.

#2. Simple Black With Chrome Designs

Halloween nails with skeletons and silver details spider webs nail designs nail designs nail designs nail designs nail designs dark dark dark dark dark glitter purple glitter purple glitter purple nail nail nail

Though simple black nails have their time and place, they can get rather boring after a while. And your nails should be one way that you make a bold statement to the world around you.

There's nothing more edgy and futuristic than chrome designs. For starters, they've been all the rage lately, and they truly scream "gothic manicure!"

The Ultimate Goth Nails

Instead of opting for simplistic silver nail art, chrome allows you to add a metallic edge to your look.

All you need is some of Maniology's Hella Holo extra-fine holographic nail art powder on hand, as well as any of our more edgy nail stamping plates. You can't go wrong with our Rockabilly or Skeletons In The Closet plates!

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#3. Colorful Metallic Chrome

girl with tattooed wrist and purple metallic nail polish pink gray worn halloween shades manicure manicure dark skeletons combination combination fans play length crosses rhinestones dramatic nail goth nails nail

Remember when we said that chrome designs have really been taking off? We weren't kidding around.

Keep in mind that not all goth nails need to be completely black or on the darker side. Instead, by incorporating some careful color in your nail art, you can truly showcase your unique style.

If you're unsure of where to begin, use Maniology's Grimm's Nightfall to get you started. This six-piece duochrome metallic stamping polish set will give you plenty of options to choose from.

#4. Black Geometric French Tips

simple manicure of black french tips glossy goth nails goth nails goth nails goth nails nail goth goth nails nail nail nails nail dramatic rhinestones hope form trend stand trend charms

Experimenting with French tips is a favorite pastime for any budding nail artist. There's nothing more satisfying than trading out that simplistic white tip for something a bit more brazen and unexpected!

If you're interested in gothic nails that will still pair well with any fit or occasion, this should be your go-to. Geometric black tips are a great way to appear both confident, stylish, and edgy, no matter where life may take you.

How To Recreate This Look

With our Pardon My French nail stamping plate, you'll be able to create any style or shape of French tips you may want. So if you want to go for something a bit softer, you'll be able to do so easily.

Don't forget to whip out your favorite black nail polish in order to complete this look!

#5. Black Flames

hand with lots of rings and black and nude manicure gothic nails gothic nails gothic nails nail nail gothic nails gothic nails coffin shape purple wearing purple base color nail glitter purple purple purple

If you want to bring some edge and flair into your look, just set your nails ablaze! After all, it's hard to resist the pure temptation of flaming nails. And what's even better is when they come with a gothic twist.

All you need to do is recreate some dark flame designs on your nails by using Maniology's Flamin' Hot nail stamping plate. Feel free to dress it up with some metallic foil stickers if you'd like!

Wrapping Up

Goth nails don't need to be about over-the-topic intricacies. Instead, taking a simple, toned-down approach to the dark aesthetic is the best way to show off your personal style while practicing genuine self-expression.

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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