Smitten Kittens




Show off your soft side with this cute Smitten Kitten manicure created by Madam Luck using Fuzzy and Ferocious square plates set!

Smitten Kittens

Here's How

  1. Smitten Kittens: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail apply one coat of Bam! White, then apply Poli Peel around the cuticle line.
  2. Smitten Kittens: Step 2
    While polish is drying grab your Straight-Up Black Stamping Polish, then select your design from Cat People/Feline Lover (m144) and pick up the image with your Monocle Stamper.
  3. Smitten Kittens: Step 3
    With your desired polish colors, fill in the design using a Nail Art Brush and Dotting Tool.
  4. Smitten Kittens: Step 4
    Once the polish dries grab your favorite color and paint a diagonal stripe.
  5. Smitten Kittens: Step 5
    Repeat until your design is completely covered.
  6. Smitten Kittens: Step 6
    Wait until your decal is completely dry then peel off the pattern with a pair of tweezers. Paint your nails with Top Coat and quickly place the design on while your nails are still wet.
  7. Smitten Kittens: Step 7
    Using a Clean up Brush remove any excess around your nails.
  8. Smitten Kittens: Step 8
    Finish your Smitten Kitten manicure with Top Coat.