7 Pastel Color Names And Palettes

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Pastel Colors List

Some color types have a certain way about them. For example, pastel colors can often help us feel a bit more at peace, minimalistic, and calm.

Our Favorite Pastels For Nail Art

  1. Salmon pink
  2. Sunny yellow
  3. Baby blue
  4. Tangerine and lilac
  5. Sea green and light pink
  6. Teal
  7. Light yellow and pink

Here are seven of the best pastel colors and palettes for you to start putting to use!

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#1. Salmon Pink

Millenial pink branding and packaging design magazines pastel color palette pastel colors pastel colors pastel colors pastel colors pastel color palette

Finding the perfect pastel color for your style can be a challenging task. Pastels can bring a lively and fun touch to any look, but you need to be careful not to turn yourself into a mess of cotton candy!

Pastel colors create some of the most gorgeous and touching color combinations. As a result, creating outfits, logos, and even nail art with a pastel palette has become increasingly trendy.

But what exactly makes a color pastel?

Salmon maniology

What Are Pastel Colors?

Learning how to use pastel colors starts with understanding where these colors come from. 

Colors are one of the ways that we communicate with the world around us. It lets us share ideas and express ourselves. And that's why finding the right color can sometimes be so integral.

Sometimes the perfect hue can mean the difference between a stunning logo and a failed design. Or, it can be the difference between a gorgeous, trend-setting look or a disheveled outfit.

Pastel colors are created by adding white to any color. Typically it starts with any primary or secondary color. This extra white mixed in makes the colors appear more toned down and pale.

Some of the most popular pastel tones are light pinks, blues, or yellows. And this slight variation from standard colors helps to create a stunning palette.

Pale colors pastel themes color palette pastel color palettes

One Of The Most Classic Pastel Shades

When it comes to pastel colors, there's none perhaps more noteworthy than pastel pink. Adding some white to a bold red can create a calming and easing tone that goes well with almost everything.

Salmon pink is one such variation of pastel pink that we just can't get enough of. It's great for your bedroom decor, nail art, or hair color. It doesn't get much better than that!

We don't blame you if you want to add some of this gorgeous color to your look ASAP. It's totally contagious.

And the best way to quickly incorporate a little pastel into your style is by creating some stunning nail art out of it!

Example of pastel colors

Self-Expression At Your Fingertips (Literally)

If you want a little dreamy pastel, give yourself a new manicure to match the vibe. But don’t worry - creating stunning and unique nails right at home is now easier than ever.

With Maniology's nail stamping plates, you can effortlessly create intricate nail designs without leaving the house. That means no more uncomfortable nail salons or disastrous free-handed attempts at nail art!

With Maniology's pastel salmon stamping polish, you can create a sweet pink nail look effortlessly.

#2. Sunny Yellow

Pastel color palette gorgeous pastel compositions using pastel colors vibrant neons light lavender

When we think of pastels, we likely first imagine toned-down primary colors. And that's why pastel yellow is one of the best shades!

Yellow is one of the most underrated colors in fashion and beauty. But with a simple, bright yellow, you can easily channel your inner sunshine and represent the spring season!

For a pastel color you can't say no to, try out Maniology's Winnie cream yellow stamping polish.

Using Pastel Colors In Your Everyday Life

Pastel colors are so attractive it's hard not to want to use them in all aspects of your life. After all, who can resist a whimsical blue or a muted pink? (We know we can't.)

Start simple if you don't know where to begin your pastel journey. All you need to do is incorporate pastel colors into your daily look!

Simply opt for a pastel nail polish shade, or upgrade a few items in your wardrobe to switch from bold red to toned-down pink.

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#3. Baby Blue

Pastel color scheme pastel color palettes color story color trend color wheel whimsy yellow mint green calm living room muted greys light azure color palette color palette

If we're talking about pastel colors, it's not a conversation if we don't talk about baby blue. Like pink, these two colors are truly the foundation of any pastel color palette!

In fact, pastel blue is one of the best colors you can utilize in any look. And if you pair it with white, you can create a calming and enjoyable color scheme for the books.

Light blue is one of the few colors that are great for any situation. It can easily be dressed up for a formal occasion or sported for a cute summer outing. There's no limit when it comes to this classic color!

One of the best ways to add pastel blue to your style is by incorporating it into your manicure. Use Maniology's Droplet pearl blue stamping polish to add the finishing touches to your look.

#4. Tangerine And Lilac

Pastel color palettes hex codes only good brand hop deco website clearwater blue creamy mint creamy grays pastel color palette pastel color palette color palette color palette

If you're not looking to utilize the foundational pastel colors, it's time to get a bit more creative.

By combining pastel hues of purple and orange, you can create a unique color combination that sets you apart. It's a sweet color combo for nail art and even your bedroom decor.

Combine Maniology's Juicy orange stamping polish with Lilac Clouds light purple stamping polish if you're ready for a springtime mani!

#5. Nude Pink

Pastel colors mixed perfectly pastel colors palette floating beings different materials filter pack color psychology photography movement color palettes

To be honest, we can't get enough of any type of pastel pink. It's so feminine and soothing, yet full of life and energy!

A nude pastel pink goes with anything in your closet and can help dress up even simple looks. It's classy and timeless, and you can never go wrong with it!

Who says that nudes can't be pastel? You can enjoy the best of both worlds easily with Maniology's Sweet Peach rose pink stamping polish!

#6. Sea Green And Light Pink

Muted tones online graphic design service sky blue soft pinks ince cream colors new neutrals fictitious brand created pastels pastels

Who says that pastel colors need to come from primary colors? Pastel green is a great way to give off a cooler tone to your pastel combination.

#7. Teal

Unique and subdued design pastel branding scheme powder blue candy minimal filters watch brand zeithaus beautifully surreal beautiful mess pastels pastels

Let's take pastel blue and put a new spin on it. Add a tinge of green to your blue to make a soft teal color, perfect for those summer beach days!

In fact, there are so many variations of pastel blue that it's easy to find the perfect shade for you! Use Maniology's Robin's Egg teal with glitter flakes nail polish to help your nails sport a bit of personalized pastel.

#8. Light Yellow And Pink

Interior design trends classic pastel colors pastel color schemes model's skin color forecasting color wheel

Here's a combination of pastel colors that will put a fun spin on just about anything. Instead of having just pastel pink, pair it with an even brighter and more compelling hue! 

When it comes down to it, yellow and pink is a great combination that you can incorporate into almost anything.

Wrapping Up

There's a reason why pastel colors are some of the most popular color combinations out there. The muted and drawn-back tone makes for a subtle look while the colors retain plenty of their life and saturation!

Adding pastel colors can be easy, even if you don't know what you want. So pop some pastels onto your nails, and show off your style!

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