10 Festive Easter Nail Designs To Try This Spring

Posted by Ren Wu

Easter Nail Designs

Spring has sprung! It's time to trade in your boring, beige color palette for robin egg blues, light lavenders, and baby pinks just in time for the Easter holiday. 🐣

Our Favorite Five

  1. Free Flowing Pastels
  2. Lacey Square French Tips
  3. A Pretty Pastel Easter Egg Hunt
  4. Glamorously Golden Peeps
  5. Black & White Floral Fantasy

This refreshing season calls for a cheery manicure that you can confidently wear during Sunday brunch. Pastel colors are a must for any spring nail art, and you can top it all off with fresh flowers, bouncing bunnies, and luxurious lace!

Keep reading, and we'll share ten of our favorite easter nail designs for the spring.

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#1. Free Flowing Pastels

someone's nails with abstract pastel colors easter nail design nails easter nail design easter nail design easter nail design easter nail design

It wouldn't be a blog about "Easter nail designs" if we didn't have a charming pastel manicure listed as number one.

These flowing floral nails feature baby pink, sky blue, neon yellow, and creamy white - the four most iconic shades of the spring season!

This abstract design is both modern and classy.

Plus, it's exceptionally easy to recreate. Don't worry about freehanding these wavy lines - simply use our "Aanchysnails" nail stamping plate!

This nail stamping plate was made in collaboration with the talented @Aanchysnails, a nail art creator known for her ultra-satisfying polish swatches. She makes nail lacquer applications look effortless, and it can be as long as you use any number of our iconic nail stamping plates!

#2. Lacey Square French Tips

white nail art design easter nail design nails easter nail design nails easter nail design nails easter nail design nails easter nail design nails easter nail design nails

Everyone knows that French tip nails are a classy look year-round. There's something so innately cute and chic about this simplistic style.

This is all to say that they truly go with any outfit, occasion, or opportunity!

However, spring is the perfect opportunity for exploring Easter nail designs that transcend trends. It's time to put a bit more oomph into your DIY mani, and the best way to do that is by putting a unique spin on any classy French manicure.

These lacey Easter nails don't forego the creamy white of classic French tips. But this elegant and intricate pattern is more than enough to make your mani so much more stunning!

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#3. A Pretty Pastel Easter Egg Hunt

someone's easter nails with bunnies and pastel colors easter nail design nails easter nail design nails easter nail design nails easter nail design nails

This creative and cute manicure might look complicated on the outside. It features adorable bunnies, playful pastels, and blooming flowers - all of these essential designs for your Easter nails.

Trust us - you can have all this and even more when you use our "Garden Egg Hunt" nail stamping plate. It'll make it easy to create your own baby chick Easter nails at home.

This seasonal plate contains countless buffet-style Easter nail designs that will make it easy to adorn your nails with Easter eggs and floral features.

#4. Glamorously Golden Peeps

easter nail art with gold nail polish yellow easter nail design yellow spring cute spring cute easter nail design easter nail design nails easter nail design nails

If you want your pastel polishes to pop, you need to add a touch of gold to your Easter manicure. For a truly glamorous look, try painting your nails with a metallic gold polish (like "It's Lit" from Maniology!)

To top off your look, add some baby bunnies or pastel peeps using our "What's Crackin Easter" nail stamping plate. This plate is a must-have if you want to create some seasonal and stylish Easter nails!

#5. Black & White Floral Fantasy

Easter nail art with black and white flowers easter nail designs yellow yellow pattern yellow ideas blue spring cute easter nail design ideas

Pretty pastels and blooming flowers are pretty overused this time of year. Granted, you can't ever go wrong with some floral inspiration for your Easter nail art, but there are so many ways to make your look unique to you.

This black-and-white Easter nail design is a beauty. It's bright and bubbly yet relaxed and toned back - plus, that mix of bright pink and orange is to die for!

During the spring season, you just can't go wrong with botanical-based Easter nail designs.

To easily replicate this Easter nail design, just grab our "Moth Mosaic/Golden Afternoon" nail stamping plate and get crafty!

#6. Springtime Easter Eggs

Easter nails with easter eggs accent bold course wear ideas easter nail design easter nail design ideas rainbow dots green easter nail designs

It's time to dress up in your Sunday best with these colorful Easter nails. Aren't they just so darn cute?!

Start with a pristine springtime background and then begin layering on the Easter eggs (don't forget to include an Easter basket or two). When creating your next manicure, take some time to play around with the season's favorite shades, like purple, green, pink, and blue.

The hunt is over if you're searching for the perfect Easter nail art. All you need is this "Easter Sunday" nail stamping plate, and re-creating your favorite Easter nail art ideas will be a piece of cake.

#7. Easter Nail Art in Pastel Colors

pastel easter nail designs pink fun cute blue paint spring easter nail design easter nail design easter nail design cute fun pink paint idea

Here's another cute and chic Easter nail design that you can create with our "Easter Sunday" nail stamping plate.

This pairing of pastel pink and olive green perfectly represents all of the refreshing feelings of spring. It's exactly what we need after a long, cold winter! This nail design also features tiny Easter-inspired details for some extra character.

#8. Majestic Wings of the Monarch Butterfly

butterfly nail art from the mani x me box idea stripes dots coat paint playful stripes easter nail art design easter nail design easter nail design

If you're looking for a majestic and marvelous Easter nail art design, you don't need to look any further. This springtime mani is inspired by the fiery wings of the Monarch butterfly and adds an elegant touch to any look.

It might be hard to replicate this delicate design on your own. That's why you need to snag a couple of our nail stamping plates. All you need is an afternoon dedicated to some much-needed self-care, and you can simply copy and paste your favorite patterns right onto your fingertips.

It's really that easy!

This Subscription Box Makes Obtaining Flawless Easter Nail Art Easy

This look, in particular, comes from our Mani X Me subscription box for March 2023. This bundle features two exclusive stamping plates in addition to two stunning shades of stamping polish: our "Nectar" peachy-orange cream lacquer and our "Metamorphosis" purple-tinted polish with gold flakies.

But that's not all! Every subscription box also comes with a bonus gift each month.

For March, we tossed in two sheets of butterfly and dragonfly nail art stickers. And if it's your first box, you even get a free nail art stamper.

#9. Korean Nature-Inspired Motifs

hands with flowery korean nail art accent peek achieve easter nail art design easter nail art design florals easter nail design lavender easter nail design

These delicate Korean porcelain nail designs are dainty enough for springtime and also make for great stunning summer nails. They feature decorative illustrations of nature in creamy white and royal blue colors.

These aren't your classic Easter nail designs that were puked on by pastels. Instead, they display the sophistication and grace that comes with this new season.

#10. Pretty Pink Pastel Petals

pink easter nails easter nail design easter nail design yellow spring cute nail artist easter nail art design easter nail art design rainbow easter nail design

There's nothing more Easter-y than pretty pink pastel nails. These blooming nails are made with our "Beginnings: Blossom" pink creamy nail lacquer, a color that is sure to awaken your feminine side!

Final Thoughts

There are endless Easter nail designs out there, but not all of them are easy to DIY at home. However, all it takes is the right nail stamping plate and any look will be a breeze!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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