12 Summer Pedicure Colors You'll Want To Try

Posted by Ren Wu

Summer Toe Nail Colors

Do your summer plans include plenty of barefoot adventures? Whether you'll be sunbathing at the beach or hitting up pool parties, make sure your toenails are ready for a season of sun and fun.

From cornflower blue to pastel peach, the shades of summer 2024 are endless. Your toes deserve some self-care before the season is in full swing. You don't want to be caught in your sandals with your pedicure looking a mess!

Our Favorite Five

  1. Bluebell
  2. Blazing Neon Yellow
  3. Metallic Rosy Pink
  4. Creamy Coconut
  5. Buttercup Yellow

Keep reading to discover the hottest and trendiest pedicure colors for this summer.

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#1. Bluebell


bluebell nail polish from maniology

This soft and calming shade is perfect for those tranquil and peaceful summer evenings. This is the perfect time of the year to transition away from the dark, dreary shades of winter and fall in love with something illuminating.

This oceanic blue contains a hint of lilac, making it a unique choice for the summer. It'll enhance your pretty pedicure with ease!

#2. Blazing Neon Yellow


neon yellow nail polish from maniology

Though we love a basic butter yellow, this high-voltage neon is to die for. Even looking at it makes us feel energized and ready to take on the summer season.

This eye-catching and electrifying color is a great way to make a bold and bright statement. It's time to put those basic beiges and natural neutrals to the side and embrace your inner power!

#3. Metallic Rosy Pink


rosy pink nail polish from maniology

This cute and chic color is our favorite spring/summer shade. This Waikiki-inspired polish features warm duochrome shimmers that shine in the sun. That subtle sparkle is more than enough to make your pedicure stand out from the rest.

Like all of our polishes, this nail lacquer is highly pigmented and five-free. Start with a protective base coat and apply two to three coats of this metallic polish for a high-coverage look.

#4. Creamy Coconut


coconut nail polish from maniology

Though the warmer weather calls for bright and vivid colors, you can't ever go wrong with a creamy coconut color. This is a toned-down take on your classic white and is a great color choice if you want to design some toenail French tips.

This should be your go-to color if you're curating a neutral look. It's a timeless color, perfect for a short summer manicure or winter-wonderland nail art. Now is the perfect time to bring some grace and elegance to your pedicure!

#5. Buttercup Yellow


buttercup nail polish from maniology

Cheerful yellows are expected to be a big hit this summer. Most beauty bloggers and fashion influencers heartily agree that butter yellow will be sitting at the top of the charts.

This sweet shade adds a subtle pop of color to your toes without going overboard. It's bubbly and bright without being obnoxious or overwhelming, making it an ideal color for summer pedicures.

Get ahead of the trend and snag a bottle of Maniology's iconic "Buttercup" nail lacquer before your next pool party.

#6. Glittery Jelly Purple


glitter jelly purple nail polish from maniology

While it might seem bold, this jelly purple polish is a fantastic choice for the summer. This formula is filled with shimmering flakes that add a nice touch of pizzazz to your pedicure.

It's a magical and mystical shade that will make your summer nights full of wonder and whimsy. Let your toes dazzle everyone around you with every step you take!

#7. Burst of Orange


bright orange nail polish from maniology trend trend sheer neutral sheer pedicures toes nails

This punchy orange is by far one of the most underrated summer shades. Luckily, that's about to change for the better. This stunning shade is about to get the immense recognition it deserves!

Don't just take our word for it - celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi is one of many who are gearing up for tomato girl summer. She used this bright red-orange color for Brandon Maxwell’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection at New York Fashion Week.

When it comes down to it, this is a classic color for those girls who want a bubbly and bright pedicure without sacrificing a light and airy feel. This "Orange Burst" nail polish from Maniology is a juicy formula that mixes colorful coral and juicy apricots.

#8. Baby Blue


light blue nail polish from maniology skin manicurist warm trend feet sheer winter skin neutral

April showers bring May flowers and a balmy blue sky. The best way to manifest the warmer weather is with this airy sky blue, a classic color for the summer. It'll invoke the feelings of freedom and a cloudless afternoon.

If your evenings are booked with park picnics and seaside strolls, this is the color for you. Let your toenails reflect the tranquility and serenity of these sunny days!

#9. Peachy Orange

nectar nail polish from maniology bit sheer wear prefer fresh feet stick lighter greens trends trend


The upcoming summer months offer the perfect opportunity to experience the latest and greatest nail art trends. From airbrushed aura nails to floral French tips, there's no limit to what the warmer weather can inspire.

One summer shade that you shouldn't pass by is this peachy orange. This smooth and sophisticated nail polish color is all the rage right now and will easily make your summer season one to remember.

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monarch butterfly styled nail art pink toes pedicures clothes surprise tint sense opt outfit bit violet

Though it's simply stunning on its own, why not use this gorgeous color to elevate your manicure? Using Maniology's "Mystic Woods" nail stamping plate, you can replicate these Monarch butterfly-inspired nails. Talk about a celebrity-worthy mani!

The original nail plate for this look, the MXM124, was a limited-edition product available exclusively through our Mani X Me nail art subscription box. If you want to enjoy trendy and chic nails year-round, our monthly subscription box service will make DIY manicures a walk in the park.

No more costly and time-consuming trips to the salon - you can give yourself at-home manicures and pedicures whenever you want! Plus, you can enjoy the latest nail art products sent straight to your door.

Check out this YouTube video to see our March 2024 Mani X Me unboxing, and don't forget to sign up so you can receive next month's box right away!

#10. Pretty in Pink


light pink nail polish from maniology fresh worn manicure pedicures pink toes beauty wear nails


This pretty pink pastel color adds a sweet and soft touch to any summer look. It's an easy way to embrace the still, serene side of summer. It's a simple color ideal for garden parties, brunch get-togethers, and casual outings with the squad.

This summer shade will highlight your natural beauty and feminine side.

#11. Mint Green


mint green nail polish from maniology nails pop baby blue neon orange top coat wear unique ability


This invigorating shade is a great way to cool down a high-temp summer. We love it for those days spent outdoors basking in the sunlight.

It'll uplift your mood and refresh your toes!

Celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp recommends pairing this full-coverage opaque shade of mint with a shimmer silver polish. In an article from InStyle, Hipp stated that this iconic pairing can add a "vintage-y feel that's still somehow futuristic" to your nails.

To complete your summer pedicure, pair this minty green with our "So Metal" metallic silver stamping polish.

#12. Champagne Shimmer


silver shimmer nail polish from maniology skin tone orly nail lacquer skin tones neon orange nails


In the right light, a shimmering shade of nail polish can glow brighter than the sun. A champagne nail lacquer is the perfect color for a cool, chic summer. A shimmery finish will elevate your summer style and make the season yours!

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for some fun summer nail inspiration, look no further. We know what we're talking about when it comes to pedicure and manicure colors and designs. Try out any one of these summer shades and embrace the fun of the season!

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