13 Vacation Nail Ideas That Are Perfect For Fun And Sun

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Vacation Nail Ideas
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Imagine jetting off on a picture-perfect vacation only to end up with hundreds of photos with your nails looking a mess. One of the best parts of a tropical getaway is posting about it on Instagram, so make sure your nails are up to par!

Before boarding your flight, you need to pack your suitcase, update your passport photo, and get a fresh manicure. Nothing sets the tone for a relaxing beach vacay like pretty pastel French tips and sunset-inspired ombrés.

Our Favorite Five

  1. Mystical & Magical Animal Prints
  2. Hispanic Ceramics
  3. Pretty Pastel Flowers
  4. 80's-Esque Neon Nails
  5. Baby Blue Aqua

    Keep reading for the best vacation nail ideas for summer 2024.

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    #1. Mystical & Magical Animal Prints

    nail art with neon glitter polish beach nails

    Bright pops of color are the perfect accessory for a beach getaway. And a stunning DIY manicure will make your trip much more enjoyable!

    These fresh and fun nails are a surefire way to boost your mood. But don't just take our word for it - research shows that certain colors can have psychological effects on the mind. Vivid, warm colors are known to release dopamine, the feel-good chemical.

    We love the depth, design, and delicacy of these nails. The unique combination of neon green and lush lilac is to die for! But the best part is the animal-print French tips.

    These fierce nails feature some cute and chic leopard spots. But if big cats aren't really your thing, you can trade them out for bold tiger stripes or snake scales using our "Wild French" nail stamping plate.

    #2. Hispanic Ceramics

    ceramic patterned nail designs beach nails

    If you plan to spend your summer vacay on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico, this should undoubtedly be your look.

    These gorgeous nails feature traditional ceramic designs and a stunning assortment of colors. Inspired by traditional Mexican artwork, this look truly embodies the beauty of Talavera.

    At first glance, it might seem like replicating these intricate lines and dainty details would be impossible. Who has the time (or steady hand) to freestyle this?

    Luckily, you can rely on our nail stamping plates to do the work for you.

    Armed with our "Talavera" nail plate, one of our latest drops, you can easily copy and paste your favorite patterns directly onto your nails. This process is super simple - paint a thin layer of polish over the design, scrape off the excess, transfer it to your silicone stamper, and gently press it on your fingernails.

    After just a few minutes, you'll have beautiful, charming nails ready for your next vacation!

    #3. Pretty Pastel Flowers

    tiny flower nail art designs beach nails
    Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

    We can't cover vacation nail ideas without mentioning some floral fingertips. Flowery nail art is at its peak in the springtime, but that doesn't mean you can't carry them with you on your tropical trip!

    These dainty and delicate nails feature tiny floral patterns and pastel French tips.

    #4. 80's-Esque Neon Nails

    bright pink 80s themed nails beach nails

    Swap out your typical beach vacation nails for this neon 80s-inspired manicure. These nails create the perfect vibe for a groovy getaway. It's a unique look that will make waves wherever you go!

    #5. Baby Blue Aqua

    aqua nail art beach nails
    Photo Credit: @heygreatnails

    If your summer plans involve sunbathing on a beach, then these nails are for you. This pristine ocean pattern is calming and cute, making it the perfect look for the clean girl aesthetic.

    Though bright colors are sure to make a splash, it's hard to beat the tranquility and timelessness of these toned-down aqua nails.

    #6. Evil Eyes

    evil eye nail art beach nails

    One of the best parts of vacation nails is finding a unique and trendy look that sets you apart from the rest. These bold and mystifying evil eyes will leave everyone you come into contact with spellbound.

    They're captivating, chic, and an obvious choice for vacation nails!

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    #7. Double French Tips

    nails with various pastel colored french tips beach nails
    Photo Credit: @lauren_beautyby

    If you want something a bit more simple and straightforward, try out this pastel French manicure. The color combination of baby pink, turquoise green, sunny yellow, and cornflower blue is already beautiful enough, but the double tips are what really sell this look.

    Though you could try freehanding this manicure, it's a good idea not to be risky. If your flight is scheduled to leave soon, you don't have the time for ten takes. You only have one shot to make it work!

    So, for a quick and pain-free application, use our "Classique: Pardon My French" nail stamping plate.

    #8. Gorgeous Coral Airbrush Nail Art

    orange nail art style ocean tropical wear summer tropical fun beach nails
    Photo Credit: @naileditbeauty

    Airbrushed nails have been all the rage lately. Everyone is vying for these hazy nail designs, though they're not always easy to recreate. To replicate these perfect-blended nails, try using our "Color Block" nail stamping plate.

    For this look, in particular, the mandarin orange nail polish is a beautiful alternative to the neutrals and pinks most girls use. The white shimmering stars painted over the top just add another level of depth and beauty!

    #9. Romantic Red Roses

    red rose nail art fun style nails wear waves nude classic tropical ocean salon inspiration beach nails
    Photo Credit: @tessa.lyn.nails

    Are you planning a fairytale-esque trip to Paris? If your summer vacation involves jetting off with a loved one, then this is the look for you.

    The combination of glitter, scarlet red, and fragrant roses is the perfect blend of femininity and grace.

    #10. Peachy Keen

    someone's nails with orange nail polish nude classic tropical salon sea nail look nail artist nail design summer beach
    Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

    Your beach vacation nails don't need to be over-the-top or extravagant. If you like simple and sweet nail designs, try this creamy peachy nail polish. Our "Nectar" stamping polish is a full-coverage, smooth-finish formula that is the perfect shade for summer.

    #11. Multi-Colored Aura

    nails with different colors weeks sea toes trend shapes destination waves chrome coat manicures
    Photo Credit: @nuka.nails

    If you consider yourself a maximalist, this multi-colored manicure should be right up your alley. The combination of aura ombre, polka dots, and sassy shades is truly to die for. Grab your favorite shades of red, pink, blue, and orange, and get creative!

    #12. Minimalistic Lush Leaves

    green leafy nail designs classic complement complete pop rhinestones

    Not everyone's ideal vacation is a trip to a tropical beach. Some of us prefer to spend time climbing mountains or paddle boarding on a tranquil lake. If your summer days will be spent surrounded by Mother Nature, try out this emerald manicure.

    #13. Cool & Crisp Linework

    blue lined nail art beach vacation nails beach vacation nails nail design inspiration sand style beach vacation nails

    Do you like things to always be in their place? If you enjoy clean and crisp manis, go for this ultra-structured nail art. These precisely lined nails feature shades of blue, purple, and pink, a color palette perfect for days by the beach!

    Final Thoughts

    Beach vacation nails will make your days of sand, sea, and surf much more enjoyable. You don't need to keep your nails bare while you traverse the globe. Using a nail stamping plate, it'll be easy to recreate the ultimate vacay manicure right at home!

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    At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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