13 Cute Beach-Themed Nails For A Tropical Getaway

Posted by Ren Wu

Photo Credit: @nuka.nails

Are you looking for some beautiful, beachy nail art inspiration before you jet off on a tropical getaway? Even if your plans don't involve stepping on sandy shores, an oceanic manicure will keep you cool all summer long.

From a mermaid glass manicure to seashell French tips, there are endless ways to infuse sun and fun into your nail art. Keep reading to learn more!

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    #1. Mermaid Glass Nails

    blue mystical nail art beach nails beach nails nails

    Photo Credit: @heygreatnails

    These mermaid nails give us real under-the-sea vibes. The 3D details and iridescent luminescence make this look truly magical and mystifying.

    This design is easily our favorite for beach nails. The subtle shimmer and builder gel droplets remind us of serene ocean waves on a tropical beach.

    #2. Pink Sunset Gradients

    pink and orange gradient nails ocean nails beach nails beach nails beach nails beach nails

    Photo Credit: @nylove_nail

    It's hard to resist the refreshing feeling of ocean-blue nails. However, not every beach vacay is about sunbathing by surfable shores.

    After a day of sun and fun, that moment between golden hour and a summer sunset feels oh-so relaxing. This mani perfectly encapsulates that serenity and tranquility.

    Mix a pastel pink and creamy orange to craft this sweet ombre design. Use Maniology's rosy "Cinnablush" and peachy "Nectar" for this look.

    #3. Juicy Fruit

    neon fruit nail designs waves sea glitter inspired inspired ocean beach nails ocean nails

    The best beach nail designs feature a pop of color. What better way is there to kick off a summer vacation?

    Don't feel intimidated by these intricated fruity prints. You won't need to freehand anything with our "Sun & Sand" nail stamping kit. This all-in-one nail art set features a buffet-style nail stamping plate with various summer designs to choose from. Plus, it contains our smudge-free top coat, classic white stamping polish, a silicone cube stamper, and a mini scraper card.

    Feel free to snag a few neon nail lacquers like our green "Food Fight" and pink "Slam Book" stamping polishes to complete the look.

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    #4. Turquoise French Tips

    turquoise french tip nails glitter wear wear cute waves glitter sea inspired glitter glitter inspiration

    Photo Credit: @pop_polished

    If you're searching for a timeless take on French tips, this turquoise mani is perfect. Turquoise, on its own, is already a beautifully beachy shade. But the deep metallic finish of this look is what really ties it all together.

    The shimmering sheen of this dual French manicure adds another layer of allure. Although this mani may look simple at first glance, it features subtle details that help it stand out.

    #5. Sophisticated Seaside Shells

    gold seashell nail charms blue sand base coat polish sea polish inspired style vacation cute waves

    Photo Credit: @overglowedit

    Why not make your beach nail designs something gorgeously glamorous? Swap your bold and bright neon polishes for these dainty and delicate seashell charms. They look stunning on natural nails.

    You don't need knife-like stiletto nails to rock gorgeous ocean nails. This simple design looks dashing on short, natural nails. To complete this look, add some golden seashells, teeny-tiny pearls, and a sprinkle of glitter. You can also use nail stickers if you don't have nail glue and charms handy.

    #6. Pastel Citrus

    orange nail designs beach nails beach nails beach nails palm trees blue nails ocean nails palm trees

    Let's add a bit of zest to your beach nail designs. These juicy, fruity nails are made with our "Sun & Sand" nail stamping starter kit and our juicy "Nectar" nail polish. They're more than enough to quench your summer thirst!

    #7. Natural Glazed Nails

    glazed donut nails forget sparkle coral gold inspired tropical beach nails tropical beach nails glitter

    Photo Credit: @nailsbyzola

    Glazed donut nails have been topping the trends lately. Celebs like Hailey Bieber made this look mainstream, and even still, we can't get enough of it. It's the go-to look for manicure minimalistis and natural nail girlies alike.

    This barely-there manicure manifests the silky sheen of the ocean. It's the perfect accessory to your skin's summer glow!

    #8. Vanilla-Toned Tips

    vanilla french nails beach nails beach nails cuticle nails sparkle feet soak night stickers cuticle

    Photo Credit: @nylove_nail

    French fingernails are, without a doubt, one of the best go-to looks for beach nails. And these sandy, vanilla-toned tips make us feel like we are on our way to a tropical beach. The 3D texture and dimensional swirls add another layer of detail to a seemingly simple look.

    This creamy color isn't just great for a beach vacation. It's also making us crave a vanilla latte. ☕

    #9. Neon Aura Nails

    neon aura long stiletto nails paint coral shine painted beach nails beach nails adorable elegant

    Photo Credit: @afreshset

    If you typically shy away from bright and bold manicures, this is your sign to go big. These neon aura nails are the perfect look for a beachside vacay.

    These stilettos look dangerous and give off real "baddie" vibes. But you can still pull this look off with short nails. It's a creative mix of airbrush nail art and French tips.

    Don't forget to use a beautiful range of neon shades to add depth and dimension. (Hint: Use our "School's Out" six-piece nail stamping polish set. These highly pigmented formulas are vibrant and vivid - perfect for beach nail designs!)

    #10. Plants in Paradise

    nail art with black plant designs and abstract colors spring cuticles miss beach nails beach nails

    Adding a touch of nature to your beachy nail art will put a fun spin on your DIY manicure. These abstract nail designs feature pops of colors and black fauna details. It all comes together nicely to give your fingertips a gorgeous level of contrast and dimension.

    #11. Shores for Surfers

    ocean inspired nail art designs ocean water beach nails beach nails wearing toes manicure sea

    Photo Credit: @dymenails

    We can't, in good conscience, create a list of the best beach nail designs without including one ultra-realistic ocean-inspired look. These acrylics aren't the easiest for nail art newbies, but you can create a similar manicure using our "Polynesia" nail stamping plate.

    Remember that you don't need inch-long stiletto nails to pull this off. You can easily alter the look to fit on short nails!

    #12. Tropical Hibiscus Flower Designs

    hibiscus flower nail designs tropical beach nails matte top coat nail artist gel polish beach nails

    Photo Credit: @pearliepressed

    These summer nails are sweet and serene. The dainty details and hibiscus flowers transport you to the crystal-watered shores of Hawaii. The subtle contrast on the baby blue French tips creates the illusion of waves. What's not to love here?

    #13. Ombre Seashells

    nude and blue nail art with seashell designs nails nails ocean nails ocean nails tropical beach nails

    These beautiful shells might be difficult to recreate if you're not a seasoned nail art professional. Luckily, you can easily adorn your fingertips with conch shells using our "Shell Yeah!" nail stamping plate. With this ombre backdrop, your summer nails will capture the allure of the ocean floor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best nail color for the beach?

    Many of the best beach nail colors are bright and bold. Intense tones and high-gloss finishes are pretty popular around this time of year. For a more refined and casual look, you can opt for neutral shades like nude or soft pastels.

    For some additional depth and dimension, try adding subtle nail art accents or delicate details. If you're looking for some stunning shades for beach nails, here are our go-to polishes for this summer:

      What type of nails are best for the beach?

      Anything from super short nails to vampy tips looks great on a beach. But if you want to minimize the amount of sand that gets under your fingernails, go with a subtle almond shape. Short lengths are usually better when the day ahead is filled with sand and surf!

      What is a mermaid manicure?

      We're calling it—mermaid nails will be the hottest trend of summer 2024 (like they were in 2023). A typical mermaid manicure features aqua shades, metallic silvers, and oceanic accents. It might also include scaley prints, shimmering rhinestones, glitter polish, and shell charms.

      Want to create a #MermaidCore manicure? Watch this YouTube video for a quick how-to from your team at Maniology!

      Final Thoughts

      With hot girl summer around the corner, now is the time to DIY some beautiful beach nails. Your days of fun and sun are bound to feel refreshing with an under-the-sea-inspired manicure!

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      At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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