What is Nail Art Powder?

Posted by Yassin Ongca

Nail Art Powder is a type of nail enhancement that can be used to give you a solid look and textured nails. They are being used for art and decoration. Nail Art Powder can be expensive because of the high quality powders that require high quality pigments.

Nail Art Powder

  1. Chromes


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  1. Holographs


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  1. Mirrors


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  1. Duochromes


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  1. Fine Glitters

Fine Glitters

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  1. Flakies


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  1. Illusion Nails


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Acrylic Powders are completely different to the Nail Art Powder. It is mainly used for nail enhancement, structure and strength vs Dip Powders which do not, and are used as an alternative to the traditional nail polish or gel nail polish. 

How do you apply nail art powder?

Watch this quick, easy tutorial:

NOTE: You can use Nail Foil Glue but it leaves brush strokes to the nails so it is not recommended to use this product for this kind of nail art.

As simple as that, you can make your nails elegant in a unique way. Now that you understand what nail art powder is and its hassle-free application, you might want to check out our list of nail powders here: NAIL ART GLITTERS, POWDERS & FOILS and start flexing your nails.

As always, if you have any questions or need help choosing the right design for your nails, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love helping our customers find the perfect look that they can show off with confidence all season long!

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As we always say: Practice makes Extraordinary! Happy Stamping!

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