9 Best New Years Nails For A Dazzling 2024

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New Years Nails 2024

It's time to bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the upcoming year with a new you and new nails! Whether your evenings will be filled with vibrant and glamorous dinner parties with friends or intimate nights at home spent reflecting, a fresh manicure will help you start 2024 off on the right foot.

At a glance

  1. Neutral shimmering snowflakes
  2. Golden-jeweled lilac nails
  3. Neon pink fireworks
  4. Golden ombré French tips
  5. Lavender and sky blue duochrome polish
  6. Metallic gold and pink roses
  7. Black with colorful sparkles
  8. Duochrome light pink
  9. Champagne shimmering swirls

From glimmering gold detailing to layers of luscious lilac, it's time to adorn your nails with the trendiest designs of 2024. Plus, dressing up your fingertips to the nines will be easier than it seems with a dazzling DIY nail stamping kit on hand.

Keep reading, and we'll hand you nine of the best New Year's nail designs for the next year.

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#1. Neutral shimmering snowflakes

someone's nails with golden white and black nail designs glitter tips nails gold nails gold nails nails

New Year's nails call for bright, bold, and festive styles. It's important to pay homage to the passing year while paving the way for 2024 to be your best year yet!

Everyone knows that your New Year's fashion needs to be stunning and truly eye-catching. It's time to put on a show while showcasing your creative prowess and passion. And we know the best ways to do just that!

Make your New Year's Eve nails something for the books

If you're not looking to make a statement with your apparel, it's well worth it to don some elegant and exquisite nail art.

Plus, you can skip that dreaded trip to the over-priced nail salon by DIY-ing your nail art at home - and we have some tips on how to make your at-home manicure to die for!

The best way to flawlessly execute all your New Year's nail art ideas

Nail stamping kits make it easy to DIY your favorite nail designs in just a handful of straightforward, simple steps. You can take your pick of countless designs from delicate florals to simple French tip designs.

That way, you can start 2024 with your nails looking the best they have all year!

Shimmer and glitter polish is a must for any New Year look

Even if you've added a sequined dress to your list of potential New Year's fits, you can't ever overdo it on sparkles during this time of year. Not only is anything sparkling totally festive, but they also make for exceptionally dazzling nail art!

Pairing simple shimmers with the timeless appeal of neutral nails will make for the perfect 2024 nails. All you need is the "Fleece" champagne metallic shimmering stamping nail polish from Maniology in order to create a luxurious and luminous base for your upcoming nail art.

Just finish up your black, white, and champagne nail canvases with some intricate designs - and snowflakes are a design you can never go wrong with during the holidays.

#2. Golden-jeweled lilac nails

someone's nails with purple and gold designs french tip manicure gold silver glitter tips nails gold silver

The nail trends for 2024 all point towards amethyst purple topping the charts. We can't get enough of this mystically magical color, and we're sure that you would adore having it blanketing your nails!

This shade of deep lilac is both elegant and trendy, paving the way for your New Year's Eve nail designs to be something that will be remembered for the rest of the year. Adding some tasteful gold glitter and details will add the final touches, and make this look that much more impressive.

New Year's Eve nails that will help you embrace the new chapter of your life

Amethyst purple is one of the most underrated colors of the holiday season, especially when it comes to nail art. Give it a try, and your nails will be sure to shine bright!

Try out either the "Sandy Beach: Kailua" or the "Stellar" duochrome stamping polishes from Maniology for a hue you won't be able to get enough of!

#3. Neon pink fireworks

nails with bright pink polish new year nude base french tip gold silver glitter white tips nails manicure

It's time to bob the bubbly and light a few fireworks! With 2024 upon us, it's time to turn up your New Year's Eve celebration and put a modern twist on a classic festive manicure.

Everyone knows that Barbie pink was the color of 2023. So, why not use it to bid farewell to the passing year while embracing your upcoming fresh start?

Not only does this vibrant shade of pink stand out among a sea of New Year's nail ideas that are all about golden glitter, but it's also super chic and cute. To recreate these bursting fireworks designs, use the "Pop The Bubbly" nail stamping plate from Maniology.

It's time to ignite your inner creativity and capture the celebratory spirit of the New Year season!

#4. Golden ombré French tips

nails with gold glitter polish new years eve nails manicure gold silver glitter tips nails nude base clean lines

If red and green are the colors of Christmas, then gold and silver glitter are the colors for New Year's. Classic gold glitter nails are the best way to complete any holiday fit, and that subtle sparkle is just enough to add some extra shimmer and vibrancy to your evenings.

These ombré gold glitter nails put a modern spin on a traditional French manicure. They're sleek, elegant, and sophisticated, and are a versatile choice for your New Year's nails.

In fact, nearly any French tips at all are a great choice for the holiday season!

Recreate this elegant classic French manicure in a glamorous way

With the "All That Glitters" three-piece glitter nail polish set from Maniology on hand, it'll be easier than ever to bring your favorite New Year's nail ideas to life. It comes with three glistening and gleaming glitter polishes that are packed full of metallic and holographic glitter.

Feel free to layer these glitter sparkles as much as you want for some extra shiny coverage.

#5. Lavender and sky blue duochrome polish

someone's nails with blue and purple designs black stars tips french tip emerald green white tips ball drops

This elegant color combination is a must for any New Year's Eve look. Its shimmery contrast is both cute and chic, making it a staple for any chill New Year's gathering.

Luckily, it's easier than you might think to replicate this duo-tined nail design. All you need is the "Retrograde" duochrome light blue sheer stamping polish from Maniology. Top off this flashy yet subtle nail art with silver glitter or shining stars.

You'll be left with a nail design perfect for kicking off 2024!

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#6. Metallic gold and pink roses

someone's nails with gold and pink nail design tips nails french tips years nails french tip white polish artistic look

Gold polish makes for a great canvas for any New Year's Eve manicure. Whether your evenings are filled with New Year's Eve parties or comforting nights snuggled by the fire, you deserve to have nail art that contains the perfect balance of shimmer and sophistication.

These glamorous nails feature a metallic golden glitter base with rich roses adorning the edges. This "Renaissance" gold chrome polish comes from Maniology and is a staple for any 2024 nail designs.

Putting a new spin on the idea of "rose gold," these gold glitter nails will be sure to make your New Year's Eve sparkle like never before!

#7. Black with colorful sparkles

someone's glitter nails and black polish manicure gold silver glitter tips nails french tip nails nails gold silver glitter

Not all holiday nail designs need to be bright and vivid. Sometimes, a darker shade might be the best way for you to showcase your unique style and edge.

These shadowy nails are truly a great way to make a mark on the holidays. They give off an air of mystery and intrigue while staying gorgeously glamorous.

It's only possible with the "Tinseltown: Hollywood" semi-sheer glitter black nail olish from Maniology. This glitzy color has pink, gold, blue, and silver glitter that all come together flawlessly for a truly captivating look.

#8. Duochrome light pink

someone's nails with a sheer pink base nail polish gold silver glitter nails nail colors silver sparkles short nails

If you're planning on attending any glamorous party for the New Year, these shimmering pink nails will be your best friend. They will effortlessly bring out your feminine side while staying chic and cute, regardless of where the New Year may take you.

Pink was undoubtedly the color of 2023. And there's no better way to look to the year ahead than by reminiscing on the popularity of this trendy shade. Just grab Maniology's "Brain Freeze" and try it out for yourself!

#9. Champagne shimmering swirls

someone's nails with metallic swirl designs nail design nails nails french tips silver glitter gold stars

When it comes to getting ahead of the curve for nail trends of 2024, you can't go wrong with metallics. Everything points to them being at the top of 2024 fashion and style, and they also make for exceptional New Year's nails.

Fill your fingertips with shades of black, and silver. But the cream of the crop should be a subtle champagne color, complete with shimmering glitter.

Maniology's "Magic Hour" champagne shimmer stamping polish from the Snowflake Waltz Collection is truly the perfect nail polish for the holidays. This Nutcracker-inspired shimmering shade has a lavish, elegant feel that pairs well with any fit.

You need it before 2024 hits!

Final thoughts

Making the most of the holidays means discovering the nail designs that help you explore the art of self-expression while honing your creative abilities. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of artistic inspo and a new nail stamper to pull it off.

With this list of new nail designs to try out for the 2024 ball drop, you'll be well on your way to welcoming the new year the right way!

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