9 White Nail Ideas To Try This Summer

Posted by Ren Wu

White Summer Nails

Photo Credit: @iramshelton

Do you want to create an infinitely versatile and effortlessly chic manicure for the summer season?

White nails suit any skin tone and match any outfit - from iridescent ivories to classic creams, this seemingly simple shade can do it all. White polish is the perfect blank canvas for pastel pink peonies or glazed donut chrome. The possibilities are endless!

At a Glance

  1. Solid White Summer Nails
  2. Negative Space Half Moons
  3. Shimmery Chrome Nails
  4. Lace French Tips
  5. White & Royal Blue Porcelain
  6. White Polish & Golden Stars
  7. Pink Peony White Nail Art
  8. Milky White Coquette Cherry Nails
  9. Wavy White Nails

Keep reading for nine crisp and clean design ideas for this summer.

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#1. Solid White Summer Nails

white nail polish two coats create

Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

Let's kick off this list with a timeless classic. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a clean coat of white nail polish. If you've been trying to decide between a buttercream yellow and a deep sea blue, this can be your new go-to shade.

White nail polish is so chic, clean, and crisp. Whether you're in your baddie era or challenging your inner clean girl, your summer won't be complete without some white nails.

Who knew something so simple could be so glamorously gorgeous?

#2. Negative Space Half Moons

half moon creamy white nail art paint summer white nail design shine create glitter create

Photo Credit: @paintbyjaz

Here's a fresh take on a traditional focal point. Though negative space nails can seem like a bold choice for summer nails, this simple white nail design remains versatile and timeless.

Swap out your vivid white for a muted cream. You can even experiment with your nail shape to find the perfect structure for your newest creation. The best way to tie it all together is by painting a high-gloss top coat over your nails.

#3. Shimmery Chrome Nails

shimmering white chrome nail art chic glitter cool sheer elegant fresh summer white nail designs

Photo Credit: @the_gelbottle_inc

If you look closely enough, these white nails appear closer to pink than anything. But from afar, you get an illuminating illusion of multidimensional white.

Chrome accents have been all the rage lately, with celebs like Hailey Bieber never hesitating to sport a glazed donut manicure. With a subtle shine, it's hard to resist the allure and captivating appeal of these BIAB beauties.

#4. Lace French Tips

white nails with lace designs summer white nail designs sparkle tips fresh summer white nail designs

Looking for a unique take on traditional white tips? Though your classic French manicure will never go out of style, sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit. It's time to let your creativity run free!

If you don't have a steady hand, you don't need to stress over these intricate lines and designs. You deserve to express yourself without limitations, and nail stamping is the best way to do just that.

Instead of diving in headfirst and freehanding your favorite white nail designs, a nail stamping kit allows you to copy and paste them directly onto your nails. In five simple steps, you can effortlessly replicate your choice of designs and streamline the DIY nail art process.

For this lacey look in particular, all you need is our "Lacey Lovers" nail stamping plate, your silicone stamper, and a scraper card.

To start, paint a thin layer of polish over your favorite vintage lace pattern. With your scraper card, scrape the excess polish off at a 45-degree angle. Use your silicone stamper to pick up the design and carefully yet quickly transfer the design to your nails.

#5. White & Royal Blue Porcelain

white and blue porcelain nail art opi nail lacquer perfect match white nail designs top coat french manicure

Okay, this look might not be overwhelmingly white, but we can't say "no" to this gorgeous combination of royal blue and bright white. Inspired by traditional Chinese ceramic accents, these porcelain designs can add elegance and sophistication to your summer mani.

For this look, you'll need our "Porcelain" nail stamping plate. But, if you're a nail art newbie, you might need a few more things to make your at-home stamping session go smoothly. In that case, it's a good idea to snag our Porcelain: Chinese Ceramic Nail Stamping Starter Kit.

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#6. White Polish & Golden Stars

white and gold nail art white heart fun tips fresh outfit elegant achieve cool sheer style chic essie nail polish

Photo Credit: @amyle.nails

Who doesn't love getting a gold star? You deserve a handful of golden stars, which you can easily get with this fun white manicure.

All you need to do is layer on your favorite white nail polish and tack on a few twinkling stars using our "Shape Nouveau" nail stamping kit and "Gold Rush" metallic gold stamping polish.

#7. Pink Peony White Nail Art

white and pink nail art occasion perfect choice white heart white base coat white nail design

Photo Credit: @heygreatnails

There's nothing more romantic than a frosted white manicure. And we are falling head-over-heels in love with these delicate and dainty pink peonies.

Metallic white polish is the perfect backdrop for your favorite floral designs. The Barbie pink and emerald green add a beautiful pop of color to your shimmering white base coat.

#8. Milky White Coquette Cherry Nails

white nails with cherry designs amazing sheer white nail designs white nail designs cool sparkle

Photo Credit: @myprettyset

The coquette trend shows no signs of slowing down. But you don't need to be a flirt to don these dainty nails!

This milky-white base coat offers a simple canvas for 3D bows and juicy cherry prints. If you want to add even more details, throw on a few tiny pearls to make it all the more spellbinding.

#9. Wavy White Nails

white and nude nail designs milky white short nails crisp lines light blue bare nails achieve

Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

Sometimes, all you need are a few wavy lines to complete the look. These nude nails pair white waves with golden glitters for a minimalistic yet trendy look.

If you're ever drawing a blank, go with wavy accents. And if you really want to strip down your look, use your natural nails as your base instead of a neutral nail polish. Don't forget to top it off with some golden flakes, and your minimal white nail design will be complete. ✨

Tips & Trends for Summer White Nails

Without a doubt, white nails are the best look for the summer.

For starters, they go with any outfit. Whether you're getting dolled up for a romantic dinner date or stepping out for brunch with the girls, you can't go wrong with classic cream nails.

For DIY enthusiasts and a nail art newbies alike, it's easy to create a white nail look that fits your personal style. There are endless possibilities with this color, and it's virtually impossible to go wrong!

If you really want to wow your friends and family, be sure that you don't skip steps during your at-home nail art session. Though the perfect nail stamping plate will make those lacey French tips a walk in the park, you should still make sure all your bases are fully covered.

Choosing the Right White Shade

It might seem like a simple task at first. After all, there's only one kind of white...right?

False - there are infinite shades of white, and you need to pick the perfect one if you want your manicure to pop! Don't forget to experiment with different finishes as well, like glitter, crystal, metallic, matte, and so much more.

If you'll be spending the warmer weather suntanning on the beach, go with a bright white nail polish. For those attending summer weddings, a soft, elegant cream is a better option.

Are you curious about the limitless potential of a white summer manicure? Watch this YouTube video from Maniology to explore four of our most popular shades of white.

Featured Products:

    Nail Shapes and Designs

    This summer, short almond nails are bound to be everywhere. And if you'll be wearing white nail polishes most of the time, then this should be your go-to nail shape. Square nails are also a safe bet, though it's hard to resist the natural appeal of almond nails.

    It's best to go for a minimalistic and simple nail style that plays into the clean and crisp nature of white nails. But, let's face it, you're totally free to experiment with any and all nail shapes and lengths you want.

    That's the beauty of nail art - it's the key to self-expression!

    white shimmering nails white nail designs white nail designs ring finger dotting tool base coat
    Photo Credit: @melanated.mani


    Do White Nails Look Good for Summer?

    Uh, yes! As a matter of fact, they look good for any time of the year. But particularly in the warmer months, white nails really complement the bright and sunny vibes of the season.

    How Can I Make My White Nails Look Good?

    You should never skip nail care. Make sure your nails are properly prepped before painting your nail color over the top. That means they're trimmed, filed, and cuticles are pushed back. But, most importantly, never forget your base coat and top coat!
    Our favorite products for this summer include this nail-fortifying Calcium-Rich Base Coat from Maniology and the Speed Dry Top Coat.

    What's the Best Way to Do White Nail Polish?

    A nail stamping kit will make the DIY nail art process so smooth, simple, and easy. A clean white manicure doesn't need to be hard, so don't overcomplicate it! Our nail stamping plates make recreating stunning and stellar nail designs a piece of cake.

    Final Thoughts

    Who says that white nails need to be boring? This versatile, timeless, and elegant color can truly do it all. There's no better color to step into the summer with!

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    At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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