Rewrite The Stars




Your nails can be the highlight of your day. Rewrite the stars and you'll always be in a good mood. Featuring Forever Young Nail Stamping Starter Kit
Rewrite The Stars

Here's How

  1. Rewrite The Stars: Step 1
    Prep your nail with thin layer of Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Rewrite The Stars: Step 2
    On nail stamping plate M012, "Stargazer", apply Indikon nail stamping polish at the top of the stars design in a "U" shape. Scrape downward to spread the polish throughout the design, and pick up with the Clear Ice Cube Stamper. Then apply directly onto your nail.
  3. Rewrite The Stars: Step 3
    Repeat Step 2 with the Bam! White nail stamping polish. Then protect the designs by applying No Smudge Top Coat.