Sweetfaction Style




Love the 90's? Style your nails like blogger, Sweetfactionails with her collaboration Rub On Decals!
Sweetfaction Style

Here's How

  1. Sweetfaction Style: Step 1
    Prep your nails with Calcium Rich Base Coat. Then use Cuticle Protector, wrapped around the nail.
  2. Sweetfaction Style: Step 2
    Apply dots Rave Babe and Kandi Spirit nail stamping polish from the Electro Glo collection onto the Lotus Mat. Then use your glass stamper to blend and pick up the polish. Stamp directly onto the nail.
  3. Sweetfaction Style: Step 3
    Once the polish is completely dry, apply the Sweetfactionails Rub On Decals. Press firmly.
  4. Sweetfaction Style: Step 5
    Slightly pull the decal down. Then with a nail file, remove the excess decal. Seal it with Top Coat.