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Posted by Kara Crail

Last month, we asked you all to share stories about why you do your nails and what inspires you to keep creating nail art. We were shook! 😱 We got an overwhelming response by hundreds of customers, and we were completely moved by all the amazing things that you guys shared. After reading through all of them, we wanted to share 30 of our favorite stories that resonated with the Maniology team:

1. I work in law enforcement and wear what I’m told wear, look like all the other officers, my nails are the only part of my appearance that isn’t regulated. I can now be an individual. Stand out from the crowd and can be whomever I choose for the day. Nail art has become a way for me to release from the stress of always seeing the worst moments in a person’s life. - Sunny D. (Snow Camp, NC)
2. I started nail art at first because I saw a YouTube video and loved the design! I wanted more than just plain polish! Later as I became better, I started painting designs to help introduce new lessons at school! I am an ESL teacher at an elementary school in Texas and my students started noticing my nails! I thought it would be a good way to start conversations and introduce new topics we would be working on in the week to come. I started around late fall early winter. The kids can’t wait to see my nails to try to guess what the upcoming lessons will be! - Pamela C. (San Saba, TX)
3. I fell in love with nail art when I first started college. Then, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and doing my nails became one way to still feel like myself as a cancer patient. Harsh medications make my fingers shaky and difficult to control, so nail stamping has given me back the opportunity to have intricate and uniquely designed nails that are easy to apply! I’m very thankful for this simple pleasure. - Lisa H. (Cape Coral, FL)
4. ...I am a full time mom, and when I say full time I’m not kidding. While I only have one son, my schedule is crazy! I also volunteer as a child advocate, which requires me to be in a courtroom… a lot. Nail stamping allows me to have beautiful, professional nails… that I can still be a mom with. And instead of paying someone $50 to attempt to paint whatever….I can turn to Maniology, and get it done myself IN HALF THE TIME. It helps me feel confident, allows me to be fun, and helps me relate to the kids i have to represent. - Heidi W. (El Paso, TX)
5. I believe nail stamping helps everyone be able to do the nail art they want despite their skill level. It’s empowering… with stamping you do not need to be good at drawing or painting tiny masterpieces on your nails. You can find a stamping plate that has the images you need and use them to complete your dream manicure. Seeing how lovely your art came out makes you feel great. It’s happiness. - Anya B. (Chicopee, MA)
6. Having painted nails as a male is such weird taboo that I still don’t understand. Why shouldn’t I be able to accessorize with my nails? Nail art is such a relaxing hobby for me that I look forward to choosing a new color palette or design for my nails every week or two. #malepolish for life. - Christian W. (Los Angeles, CA)
7. I suffer from an OCD disorder called Excoriation. It’s a skin picking disorder that is triggered by stress. Doing my nails has always been something that I loved to do and found that it would distract me from picking at my body.... Nail art, specifically nail stamping, has not only allowed me to explore my creativity, it has helped me control an issue I was so desperate to get a hold of. - Krista C. (Maiden, MA)
8. I started stamping to be able to further express myself and find new, creative ways to do intricate designs in not a lot of time. As a college student, I overload credits every semester and have two jobs, I have very little to sit and do my nails so having cheap but amazing quality stamping. - Grace K. (Plymouth, NH)
9. ...I do nail art and nail stamping to remind myself that beauty still exists in this world and to put a smile on my face. It’s a wonderful outlet, and I’m glad to be back doing what I love. - Leslie V. (Sahuarita, AZ)
10. As a nail tech, nothing feels better than when my clients sit down across from me and “ooh!” and “ahhh!” at the works of art on my fingers. It helps to inspire them to think outside the box and do something a little different or crazy! My family, the seasons, my mood and a lot of times my clients are all inspiration for my nails. Nail art is an amazing, no limits way to express yourself! - Alana M. (Saskatoon, Canada)
11. I started nail stamping as an alternative therapy to painting furniture… In 2016, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and lost the long movements of my elbow due to the disease and extreme joint pain. Medications helped plenty, but my range in motion wasn’t what it used to be, so I took to creating unique art on a much smaller scale… Bundle Monster was the first nail stamping company I discovered, and because of it, I have a new life long creative therapy outlet... - Kayla F. (El Mirage, AZ)
12. As a mom of three.. I use nail time to teach my daughter the importance of self care. Even something as simple as doing your nails can be downright vital. It’s a busy world full of pressures and stress. Taking a few minutes to connect with your kids and care for yourself is important!! - Erica M. (Emmitsburg, MD)
13. Viewing beginners and pros on the nail polish group on Reddit called "RedditLaqurista" is why I paint my nails. Before them my nails were in poor shape. In the group, I learned how to improve their health, to experiment, and to love the shared journey. Thanks to their support, and challenges, I do my nails as often as I can. - Maribel C. (Lake Placid, FL)
14. Okay imma be honest. ..I’m NOT that great at nail art. But I Still love trying. I love being able to be creative and think of different ways to make my nails look different regardless of how crazy it looks. I just figure practice makes perfect and in my eyes my nails are awesome :) Nail art is like that finishing touch to a cute outfit. - Takias M. (Philadelphia, PA)
15. A really hard breakup led me to do nail art. When it felt like my world was crumbling, nail art gave me something to love and be passionate about. I also love seeing all the different nail art people create. The beauty is endless. It’s truly amazing. - Jennifer H. (East Meadow, NY)
16. For me, nail art is so many things! It’s a fun hobby. It’s therapy. It’s a creative outlet. It’s self-expression. It’s sharing positive interactions with talented members of the nail art community. But, most of all, it’s what inspires me to learn, grow, and gain confidence, not only in my manicures, but also in myself. - Melisa F. (Bourne, MA)
17. I was a cheerleader for 14 years and we were never allowed to have our nails done because we all needed to ‘look the same’. Well once I got to college and stopped cheering I became nail polish OBSESSED; I had to make up for all the years missed. Four years later and I’m still just as obsessed. I think I love it so much because it’s a great way to express myself. I feel like you can always get a feel for someone’s personality by looking at their nails and if my nails are decked in some awesome nail art, everyone will know how awesome I am. Plus I look at my nails constantly— when you’re typing on the computer, when you’re pointing to something, when you’re on your phone, etc. Every time I see my nails when they are looking nice, I smile. Therefore, nail art=happiness - Marissa B. (Old Bethpage, NY)
18. Doing my nails is my “me time” . My way of meditation from removing nail polish to cleaning and filing and back to the next look. It allows my heart to be calm, my body to relax and my mind to be creative. I am new stamping, but I can see it is an addiction because there are so many looks you can get just from one plate. Never mind the other ways of nail art. It is my Me and My Zen. - Omneya D. (Natick, MA)
19. When I started bartending the sanitizer water killed my nails. I began wearing nail polish to help protect them and soon fell in love with doing fun and interesting nails! Nail stamping became my go to technique because it’s so easy, fast, and versatile. I show my nails off to all my regulars every week! - Angela R. (Philadelphia, PA)
20. I do nails to escape! Working 3 jobs, starting a business, and being a single mom, I rarely find time to do ME things. Nail art de-stresses me, focuses my mind and allows me to be creative! I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I didn’t have nail art in my life!! It’s an absolute must! But also, it has to stay enjoyable! - Alyssa V. (Rochester, NY)
21. I do my nails as part of my “me time”. That is the moment when I stop for few minutes (and some times more than few minutes) and I am not busy with motherhood, work, my husband or my music. It is a time “from me to me”. As a violin player, I have very short nails, so for ages I only used nude color and no art … until a flute colleague pushed me to try stamping. That was three years ago. From having about five polishes now i have almost 300 polishes, plus stamping tools, brushes, and hand creams. I learned about the difference between cream polishes, holo and glitter, jelly and chrome, and of course magnetic polishesI am enjoying that I am getting better at it. I particularly love doing landscapes, skies, and sea-scenes (yes! I got your sea anniversary box! I love it!). It feels good to express my individuality and creativity also through my nails. - Elena C. (Randolph, MA)
22. If I had a $1 every time someone commented on my nails or ask where did I get them done, I’d be rich! I am a hair stylist but also do nails. Being able to offer something new to a mani or pedi that’s quick and easy has been a game changer! - Lisa P. (Eudora, KS)
23. You know all of those colors you love but aren’t flattering to your skin tone? Wearable. All of them are wearable once you stamp with a more complimentary color. Too bright? Tone it done with a neutral or monochromatic stamp. Too dark? Lighten it up. Stamping gives so many options for polishes I collected but never thought I’d use. - Jen B. (Northfield, MN)
24. I’m a tattoo artist by trade, but a few years ago I was hit hard by a long bout of depression. I was in a horrible funk and stopped doing art all together for months, until one day when I was watching youtube and discovered nail stamping. I had no idea something like that existed and I was in awe! I immediately started shopping around for starter kits and got started soon after. I was hooked!! Now my love of artwork has returned and I’m feeling so much better than I have in a long time. - Darylanne K. (Maricopa, AZ)
25. I do my nails because it makes me feel good I work in security which is really a man’s job and my nails can be feminine and the express how I am feeling. I started doing my own now are because the nail salon started charging entirely too much to do them and I like designs on every fingernail and stones and multiple colors and I’m very well known for my nails I’m always the girl with the nails so when I discovered stamping I was Super excited because it was easy to do on my nails and there’s so much I can do I can dress them up and make them different colors use glitter and foil use sharpies the whole 9 yards. - Kimberly T. (N. Las Vegas, NV)
26. I’ve been involved in the nail business for the past 11 years, I have hand designed nails and used stickers, however, nail stamping is the most convenient way of design. You can easily create a design in minutes, its simple, easy and fascinating. - Morgan N. (Westminster, CA)
27. Nail art has always amazed me. I love watching the Instagram videos people do of nail art and nail tutorials, and one day I decided that I wanted to take a chance and try doing my own nails. Next thing I know, I’m buying nail polishes and tools, then I discovered stamping and fell in love with how easy it is! I work at a job that allows for nail design but short nails, so I focus on simple patterns to make them pop and look just as showstopping as the long nails! - Johnnie W. (Macclenny, FL)
28. After my engagement fell apart, I needed to take time for myself. Nail stamping was mentioned by a coworker and I got curious. Needless to say, nail stamping, and later nail art in general, became the perfect environment to “do me”, relax, get excited and inspired, and ultimately express myself through my nails! But I love that this can also be something to be shared with friends and family, as much as your own personal thing 🤗 - Evelyn S. (Flamingo Cargo, NW)
29. My husband tells me I have sexy shoulders, but I think they look like a linebacker’s shoulders, LOL. Polishing my nails makes me feel more feminine. And he’s an enabler. He bought me an efile, and a toolbox for all my supplies. I’ve recently started stamping and I’m having so much fun with it! - Donna M. (Pittsburg, CA)
30. Nail art was something new to try and sort of marked a new time to do different things; cut my hair, grew out my bitten nails, took risks, etc; it was a small way to express myself without having to change my whole style. Its that artistic outlet from the literal 20 hours of school and work on a daily basis, and it’s really nice to just sit down and paint your little canvases. - Kinsei I. (Stockton, CA)
Everybody is different, and each story is important! No matter what your reason for nail stamping and nail art, we encourage you to do what’s best for you and to be proud of your unique style. Thank you to all who shared their personal experiences! Feel free to share your own stories below! 💖  
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