I <3 Bombshells




So sweet and so sexy. The Bombshell Baby Beginnings Box has animal prints, lace, hearts, and everything else that will get you tied up in a mani sesh. Madam Luck doesn’t hold back her inner bombshell with this 4-step mani.

I <3 Bombshells

Here's How

  1. I Heart Bombshells: Step 1
    Start off with a clean, prepped nail. Paint a thin layer of Red Hot onto the nail.
  2. I Heart Bombshells: Step 2
    Next, apply Straight Up Black to 1 of the line laced designs on stamping plate Oh That Lace (BM-XL360). Use the Scraper Card to scrape the polish throughout the pattern and pick up the image with the Stamper. Then place the design in the middle of the nail. Clean off the stamping plate with 100% acetone to prepare for the next step.
  3. I Heart Bombshells: Step 3
    On the same stamping plate, apply Straight Up Black to a different design. Again, use the scraper card and then place the design onto the top of the nail. Repeat this step with a third selected design from Oh That Lace (BM-XL360), and stamping on the bottom of the nail.
  4. I Heart Bombshells: Step 4
    Clean up the excess polish with acetone or scotch tape, and finish off with your favorite Top Coat!