Dirrty Valentine




Sometimes you just run out of Sweet, and all that's left is Sexy. The Sexy Valentine's Day bundle will make you feel like a dangerous woman.

Dirrty Valentine

Here's How

  1. Dirrty Valentine: Step 1
    Begin with a clean and prepped nail. Apply 1 coat of Red Hot. Once the polish dries, line your cuticle and around the nail with Poli Peel.
  2. Dirrty Valentine: Step 2
    Next, apply Red Hot and Straight Up Black on a makeup sponge to create a gradient from red to black. Then use a Matte Top Coat to dull the colors.
  3. Dirrty Valentine: Step 3
    After the top coat dries, use Straight Up Black on stamping plate BM-XL301. With your Glass Stamper and Scraper, scrape the polish throughout the desired design. Then apply it directly onto the nail. Then, again, apply a matte top coat to finish.