Holo Festival




Take your holographic obsession to the festival or...well, ANYWHERE! Using Silver Holo Nail Art Vinyl Guide Set - Festival Collection!
Holo Festival

Here's How

  1. Holo Festival: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nails apply base coat then one coat of Rave Babe
  2. Holo Festival: Step 2
    Apply the palm tree vinyl over the nail.
  3. Holo Festival: Step 3
    Using Tranceland and Jungle Mirage quickly paint random spots over the vinyl.
  4. Holo Festival: Step 4
    Remove the vinyl quickly and carefully before the polish dries. 
  5. Holo Festival: Step 5
    Using tweezers grab the cut out pieces of palm trees on the vinyl sheet then place it in the center or the polished palm trees.
  6. Holo Festival: Step 6
    Apply a Top Coat.