Cut The Sh*t




For the sweethearts that like to keep it real! The Stay Weird nail stamping plate collection is all about expressing your inner 90s diva. So cut the sh*t, and do you!
Cut The Sh*t

Here's How

  1. Cut The Sh*t: Step 1
    Prep your nail with Calcium Rich Base Coat and Mani Mask. Then paint 1-2 coats of Bam! White polish. 
  2. Cut The Sh*t: Step 2
    On Stay Weird nail stamping plate Nacho Friend (m161), apply Tranceland polish to the lined paper individual design. With the Scraper Card, spread the polish throughout the design and pick it up with the Clear Glass Stamper. Place it directly onto your nail.

    To get the pink margin line of the paper design, repeat this step, but with Rave Babe polish and remove everything except 1 line from stamper using scotch tape. Then, directly place it on the vertical line.
  3. Cut The Sh*t: Step 3
    On the Outta This World (m160) nail stamping plate, use Straight Up Black polish on the indicated nail design and place it at the center of the nail.
  4. Cut The Sh*t: Step 4
    Remove the Mani Mask and clean up with the French Flat Tip Premium Nail Art Brush. Protect your manicure with No Smudge Top Coat.