Level Up




Video games have no limits. Regardless of age, gender, or beliefs, gaming has brought us together through the generations with some of the most nostalgic stories and characters of all time. That's why this mani by @PolishedJess hits us right in the feels. It's a flashback to childhood, days spent trying to beat that last level, and the bittersweet feeling of triumph when you finally see those credits roll. Celebrate your love for video games with this easy how-to.
Level Up
In a hurry?

You can watch the how-to video for this look on @POLISHJESS INSTAGRAM right now!


Here's how to Steal the Look:

1. Prep the nail with a cuticle protector for easy clean up. Check out our LATEX-FREE CUTICLE TAPE if you don't already have some.

2. Apply your base color to each nail.

3.  Apply black stamping polish to the selected design on plate M050. Spread the polish with your scraper card, then pick up the design with your stamper. Fill in the design with the colors of your choice. Let polish dry slightly, then apply firmly to the nail.


4. Repeating the same steps as above, pick up the next selected image from plate M050 and fill in with your colors of choice. Let polish dry slightly, then apply firmly to nail.

5. Using any color of your choice, apply polish to the selected designs from plate M049. Pick them up one at a time with your stamper, and apply them in an overlapping pattern.


6. Apply our No-Smudge Top Coat to seal in your new manicure!


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