Day N Night




Fascinate with a telling manicure just like a tattoo does. Katja Gerasimova's nail stamping plates from our Tattoo Collection captures the beauty of desolate landscapes.
Day N Night

Here's How

  1. Day N Night: Step 1
    Start off applying Mani Mask around your cuticle line and paint a thin layer of Calcium Rich Base Coat
  2. Day N Night: Step 2
    On a disposable makeup sponge, randomly apply dots of polish with Tranceland, Clarissa Blue, and Yummy Gummy. Then lightly tap it onto the Lotus Mat, and sponge on the gradient of colors.
  3. Day N Night: Step 3
    On BM-XL410, use Straight-Up Black and a Clear Stamper to pick up the floral, dreamcatcher design and place directly onto your nail.
  4. Day N Night: Step 4
    Remove the Mani Mask and clean up any unwanted polish with a Nail Brush. Then apply No Smudge Top Coat to finish with a light gloss.