Glass Slipper




Don't wait until the stroke of midnight on October 31st for a killer Halloween manicure. Get creepy with your traditional Cinderella fairy tale in this Glass Slipper manicure.
Glass Slipper

Here's How

  1. Glass Slipper: Step 1
    Start off with prepping your nails in Calcium Rich Base Coat, and then apply Poli Peel around your nail.
  2. Glass Slipper: Step 2
    Apply Red Sea polish onto the glass slipper design on nail stamping plate Dead of Night (BM-XL195). Use your Scraper Card to spread the polish throughout the design and pick it up with your Monocle Stamper
  3. Glass Slipper: Step 3
    Use Scotch Tape to modify the nail stamp design and remove everything except the skeleton hands.

    TIP: For our tips on how to do this step, check out our Nail Academy Live Session #6: How To Modify Your Stamp.
  4. Glass Slipper: Step 4
    Place this modified stamp onto your nail so that both skeleton hands are diagonal from each other.
  5. Glass Slipper: Step 5
    Repeat steps 2-3, but using Glass Slipper polish and remove everything except the broken slipper. Place the slipper in the skeleton hands.
  6. Glass Slipper: Step 6
    Finish off with No Smudge Top Coat.